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Training Facility, 3rd Fighter Wing
Iswahjudi Air Force Base
Maospati, Magetan - 63392, East Java
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Official Web Site of the Indonesian Air Force F-16A Full Mission Simulator, Training Facility, 3rd Fighter Wing, Iswahjudi AFB


The F-16A Full Mission Simulator was constructed by three big companies in the world specializoing in simulation field, Thomson Training &Simulation Ltd. (TT&SL) of UK, Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft System (LMTAS) of USA and Evans &Sutherland (E&S) of USA. The development was started in the early months of the year 1996 and completely accomplished in the end of the year 1997. The F-16A Simulator then was shipped to its new home, Lanud Iswahjudi, Magetan to be installed. After carrying out a sequence of acceptance test, the F-16A Simulator then was handed over to the Indonesian Air Force on March 18, 1998 and after that it is used as a training facility by the 3rd Air Squadron 3rd Fighter Wing F-16 pilots . During its service to the Air Force, it records some successful achievement such as 2.000 Hours Achievement in Service that was achieved on June 22, 2002. Until now the F-16A Simulator has been servicing the Air Force for more than 6 years and it still does to the years to come

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Operational Specification.jpg

   Simulator Type : Fix-based with real G effect via the G-Seat System
   Visual System Type : Head-tracked System with Head Sensor attached to the Pilot’s Helmet which enable pilot to track targets during a mission
   Support real life F-16 missions such as :

   Ground Operation Procedure (GOP)
   General Flight (GF)
   Instrument Flight (IF)
   Basic Fighter Maneuver (BFM)
   1 versus 1 Tactic
   1 versus 2 Tactic
   Surface Air Tactic (SAT)
   Air-to-Ground (ATG)
   Air-to-Air (AA)
   Air Intercept (AI)
   Day or Night Air Refueling (Airref)
   Formation Flight
   Emergency Exercise
   Dog Fight with the Instructor from the Instructor's Operating Station
   Supports 500 customizable air missions and scenarios
   Easy to Instructor's Operating Station and enable instructors to customize the mission before flying or change the environment during a mission
   Supported with a Repeat Instrument Display and Repeat Displays to enable instructor monitors the student pilot during a mission
   Supported with a Video Recording System that can be replayed during debriefing phase at the Debriefing Room

Maintenance Team.jpg
  Air Force Major (Electronic) Ir. Arwin "Daemon" Sumari, FSI, FSME, VDBM, SA, DBE, NA  Head of Training Facility
  Air Force Captain (Electronic) Mudji "Cursor" Budiarto, VDBM  Maintenance Assistant Head of Training Facility
  1st Lieutenant (Electronic) Wisnu "Host" Kuswahyudi, AMd.Kom  Assistant of Operation Assistant Head of Training Facility
  1st Lieutenant (Electronic) Suparmo "Discrete",SPd  Assistant of Operation Assistant Head of Training Facility
  1st Lieutenant (Electronic) Asis "Stick" Intono  Assistant of Maintenance Assistant Head of Training Facility
  2nd Lieutenant (Electronic) Petrus "Danfoss" Subagyo  Assistant of Maintenance Assistant Head of Training Facility
  Master Sergeant Suharmadi "Porteq", FSME  Support Equipment System Group Leader
  Master Sergeant Achmad "Eco" Djunaedi, FSME  Cockpit/Instrument System Group Leader
  Master Sergeant Suparjana "AIO", FSME  Linkage-Interface System Group Leader
  Chief Sergeant Andreas Bayu "IG" Aji Parwoko, VSME, Insp  Visual System Group Leader
  Chief Sergeant Makmur Karya "TargetView" Surya, VSME  Visual System Group
  Chief Sergeant Untung Agus "Vista" Setiawan, VSME, Insp  Visual System Group Leader
  Chief Sergeant Anas "Stud" Musadat, Insp  Linkage-Interface System Group
  Chief Sergeant Rismanto "Polygon", VDBM  Computer System Group
  Chief Sergeant Kusmulyadi "Polybin"  Visual System Group
  Chief Sergeant Trudo Ardian "Cumford" Wicaksono  Support Equipment System Group
  Chief Sergeant Priya "DIO" Triatmadja  Linkage-Interface System Group
  Chief Sergeant Samija "REO"  Cockpit/Instrument System Group
  Chief Sergeant Muhammad Taufik "Split" Kurniawan  Support Equipment System Group
  Chief Sergeant Anto "Insco" Sitorus  Cockpit/Instrument System Group
  Chief Sergeant Muhammad "Vertec" Hendra  Computer System Group
  1st Sergeant Zulhendry "HUD"  Cockpit/Instrument System Group
  SA         Flight Simulator System Administrator
  NA         Flight Simulator Network Administrator
  DBE       Flight Simulator Data Base Engineer
  FSI        Flight Simulator Instructor
  FSME    Flight Simulator Maintenance Engineer
  VSME    Flight Simulator Visual System Maintenance Engineer
  VDBM    Flight Simulator Visual Data Base Modeler Engineer
  Insp       Flight Simulator Inspector


Entering the year 2004 the Indonesian Air Force (IDAF) F-16A Full Mission Simulator has been servicing the 3rd Air Squadron 3rd Fighter Wing pilots for flight training for more than 6 years. During the service, some minor or major problems had caused it stop servicing for a matter of time. But because of the expertise of all Training Facility engineers, these problems had been handled professionally. After a hard nonstop working, finally the Maintenance Team got the highest achievement in keeping the F-16A Simulator operation for 2.000 Hours. This achievement was celebrated on June 22nd, 2002 in a special program that was attended by Iswahjudi Air Force Base Commandant, 3rd Fighter Wing Commandant and 20th Maintenance Depo Commandant as weel as all officers who contributed to the F-16A Simulator operation readiness. One thing that make us proud that this 2.000 Hours celebration was also taken into a special magazine "ANGKASA" which focuses in air and space community. The picture shown below was taken after the 2.000 Hours Achievement in Service celebration.

2000Hrs Achievement.jpg

All Training Facility Engineers after Celebrating 2.000 Hours Achievment in Service


Here are some publications that has been written for magazines and tabloids. Check them out to get a clear view of what F-16A Full Mission Simulator is.

  Introduction to Alinfaslat Disops and F-16A Simulator of Iswahjudi Air Force Base, "SUARA ANGKASA" Tabloid, 1999

  The F-16A Simulator of Iswahjudi AFB, "ANGKASA" Magazine; No. 7, June 2001
  The Application of System Administration to Increase 3rd Fighter Wing's F-16A Simulator Maintenance Performance, "ANGKASA CENDEKIA" book, 6th Edition, July 29th 2001 (pdf)
  F-16A Simulator : Preparing for Any Mission Anytime, "ANGKASA" Magazine; No. 7, April 2002
  Real-Time Technology : Concept and Application, "SUARA ANGKASA" Magazine; 10th Edition, September 2002 (html)
  A Specific Character of An Aircraft Flight Simulator, "SUARA ANGKASA" Magazine; 1st Edition, February 2003 (html)
  "G" Effect Mechanism on A Flight Simulator, "SUARA ANGKASA" Magazine; 2nd Edition, March 2003 (html)
  Thinking about the Future of Indonesian Air Force's Flight Simulator, "ANGKASA CENDEKIA" Book, 10th Edition, July 29th 2003 (html)
  Dissimilar Air Combat Flight Simulator (DAFCS), "ANGKASA CENDEKIA" Book, 11th Edition, April 9th 2004 (html)
  Resisting the Operational Readiness of the TNI AU Flight Simulators: An Idea for Forming the Flight Simulator Maintenance Organization, "ANGKASA CENDEKIA" Book, 12th Edition, July 29th 2004 (html)
  Aircraft Flight Simulator Technology from Time to Time, "SUARA ANGKASA" Magazine; Special Edition, October 5th 2004 (html)

Official Badges.jpg
For a military unit badges can mean anything and often be used to motivate the unit's members when carrying out a duty. For IDAF F-16A Simulator engineers badges are identities of their unit as well as their proudness to keep the F-16A Simulator serviceable. The badges below are the most recent IDAF F-16A Simulator official badges. You may download them for your own use. Here are some example badges.

Any Mission Anytime, Baby

F-16A Simulator Engineer's Proudness Badge
Flight Simulator Engineer Number

F-16A Simulator Engineer Badge with Corps Sign and Number
We never give up !

F-16A Simulator Special Badge for 2.000 Hours of Service
System Administrator Badge

F-16A Simulator System Administrator Badge
Engineer Call Sign Badge

F-16A Simulator Call Sign Badge with Qualification Brevets and Engineer Number

Image Gallery.jpg

These are some images of F-16A Full Mission Simulator. We also include pictures of the F-16A Simulator supporting equipment which without them it is nothing.

  Computer System
  Visual System
  Cockpit/Instrument System
  Linkage-Interface System
  Support Equipment System

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We also provide some souvenirs in our souvenir counter exclusively and you will not find them anywhere else. You may buy souvenirs you are interested in when you visit our counter at F-16A Simulator Training Facility, 3rd Fighter Wing, Iswahjudi AFB. Here are some of them to mention :

  F-16A Simulator Official Badges
  F-16A Simulator Stickers
  F-16A Simulator Keyrings
  F-16A Simulator Technician Mugs   F-16A Simulator Technician T-Shirts (available in white and dark blue options)

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You may want to know in more detail the companies which built the Indonesian Air Force F-16A Full Mission Simulator as well as other links that tell about Simulator and Simulation. Here are the links :

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