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Chief Sergeant Priyo "DIO" Triatmaja
Linkage-Interface Group Member
Training Facility, 3rd Fighter Wing
Iswahjudi Air Force Base


F-16A Simulator Skill Course Brevet F-16A Full Mission Simulator Skill Course Brevet

A qualification brevet for Indonesian Air Force Officers and NCOs who have graduated from F-16A Full Mission Simulator Specialty Qualification Training which run by Training Facility, 3rd Fighter Wing, Iswahjudi Air Force Base in 2003

  Technical English Language School, Sulaiman AFB
  Basic Electronic & Electricity Course, Sulaiman AFB
  Ground Navigation Aid Maitenance Course, Sulaiman AFB
  Telex-1000 On-the-Job Training, 01 Electronic Maintenance Depot, Sulaiman AFB

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After graduating from Indonesian Air Force Basic Military Training in 1994 as a 2nd Sergeant, I have moved several times to post some positions. These are my job's summary :

  Technician Sergeant, 01st Electronic Maintenance Depot, Sulaiman AFB, 1996 - 1998
  Technician Sergeant, Training Facility, 6th Fighter Wing, Pekanbaru AFB, 1998 - 2003
  Senior Technician Sergeant, Training Facility, 3rd Fighter Wing, Iswahjudi AFB, 2003 - Now

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